Liminal Health


Something is broken in the US healthcare billing.

Each year state healthcare expenses grow, and billing itself  became more complex.

It’s not a problem for big hospital systems to hire lawyers to negotiate new contracts with insurance companies in this changing environment to keep hospitals profitable. But for some hospitals, it’s not so easy to get a good contract.

And here’s where we go on the stage.

Our approach is data-driven. We use hospital historical data to model the new contract. Our goal is to help hospitals during the contract negotiation process with insurance companies to get a contract that is acceptable by an insurer and profitable for a hospital.

At the same time, the legislation evolves. For us, it means that so should do our process. So we meet new challenges periodically changing the modeling process. It involves growing our expertise in all the fields around healthcare.

But things do not stop there. We’re still looking for opportunities to improve our project. As the approach is data-driven, it means we’re aiming to collect and process more relevant data. Some data comes from open sources with all the consequences: it’s dirty and hard to process. So there are some challenges in the field of data collection either.