We are Nestlogic

We are a team of skilled and talented engineers who have been working professionally with data for many years.

Analysis, modeling, processing, data science and operating the systems that we create is what we live and work for. And if we ever need a tool to improve the work we do, we develop it ourselves (Nestlogic ADP is a prime example).

Happy New Year 2022!

New Year is a great cause to create new opportunities, make your dreams come true, build ambitious goals and reach new heights. We have already laid the foundation for it….

Nestlogic’s support to higher education

IT-world is fast developing day by day, each company is always searching for well-qualified employees. With better monetary rewards the IT industry easily gets the best university scientists thereby dividing…

DevOps practices going to Internet of Things

When we need a feature or have a bug on an Android/iOS or desktop application, we can just tap on the “Report error” button which describes what is wrong and…

IEEE UkrMi Co’2021

Each year The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers organizes conferences in different countries. This time the 5th International Conference on Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Radio Electronics (UkrMiCo) will be…

Technologies we use