Have you ever thought about game making decisions based on your actions?

Our game collects and analyzes data about a player’s actions and behavior in real time so it has no trouble taking the right actions or making appropriate decisions.

Progamero uses the power of real-time personalization to enhance the player experience. Progamero creates a template based on the data markup as a convenient starting point for the task. Additionally, a data scientist should continue the development of the AI Bundle. Technologically, the AI Bundle is a Python-language code that implements a specific interface. Progamero has practically no limitations and can range from simple rules to complex neural networks, all of which can be used inside the AI Bundle.

Offline uses a simulation based on historical data. For example, we can find out what this AI Bundle would have done yesterday using yesterday’s data. The system enables the dynamic selection of a group of players,

 and it can associate the group with any AI Bundle in order to measure the effect of its actions. Progamero can measure the basic KPI, so there’s no need for an external analyst to assess the results.

Many game developers don’t even offer game personalization because the threshold to enter the field is so high.